Funky cookies and cakes

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Please get in touch!

Our little kitchen is by appointment only. The reason for this, is we do many cakes at different times during the week, going all around New Zealand- and often, we are right in the middle of an order :-) We encourage our customers to send us an inquiry email..... Please give us an idea of number of servings your cake needs to be, if it's dessert or coffee serves, a theme the special occasion or person may have, and a rough idea of budget. We can then work through ideas with you, to work within your budget and your needs. If the order is urgent, please ring our phone number- but bear in mind, we may be working on a cake- in most cases we can still fit your order in, just cant come to the phone immediately.

How to order/terms of trade...
NO order is guaranteed without a deposit- 30% of total cake order to confirm booking, then balance due TWO WEEKS PRIOR to the event.
Cancellations less than 2 weeks prior to the event will automatically lose deposit/payment, as time has been taken to order and/or start the order.  In many cases we have begun features or figurines for the cake already. In cases of fruit cakes- they have usually already been baked.
We will need contact details of person ordering, and if possible, someone else who can be called also.
Cakes are to be kept cool and dark- NOT the fridge. (unless told specifically to refrigerate).
Cakes are to be picked up at arranged time, or at a pre-aranged time outside opening hours. If you turn up late, and shop is closed, then you may miss out on your order !
Any damages that occur after pick up or while being couriered, are not funky cookies and cakes responsibility- however, we are happy to help try to sort any help fixing any issues.
We reserve the right to change or modify the design you have given us- to ensure we are not 'straight out copying' someone elses cake design. We will also do this, if we feel, while working on your cake, that it needs 'tweaking' a little.
We must be notified if anyone having cake will be allergic or intolerant to certain products which may be in the cakes.